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Tripe Refiner - Models R10, R15, R20, R25

These machines are suitable for removing the fat – refining beef and sheep tripes and beef omasums, after having received a first treatment with the Abachem cleaning centrifuge. If necessary, they are suitable to de-hair pig and beef ears. The centrifuges are made entirely of AISI304 stainless steel. They are supplied with an electric control panel with a stainless steel cabinet.

Technical Specifications

Capacity / Hour
Model Beef Tripes Tripes and Omasums Calf and Sheep Tripes
R10 20 12+12 260
R15 50 27+27 500
R20 150 70+70 1.500
R25 280 140+140 2.600
Capacity / Load
Model Beef Tripes ½ Omasums Calf and Sheep Tripes
R10 2-4 33 Kg 20-52
R15 5-10 47 Kg 50-90
R20 14-24 150 Kg 130-180
R25 22-34 250 Kg 230-340
Technical Features
Model Installed Power V400 (KW) Water Consumption/Hour
R10 1.85 0.5 m³ - 75°
R15 4 0.7 m³ - 75°
R20 7.5 1.3 m³ - 75°
R25 15 2.0 m³ - 75°

*Please note that we can also supply: degreasing, dehairing, demanuring, red offal and washing models. Please contact sales@abachemeng.com for more information.

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