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Standard Head Details
Abachem Engineering acoustic partitions are supported on overhead tracks, without the use of any floor tracks or guides. The track may be fixed to existing structures in a number of different ways, as illustrated below to allow for client preferences and structural variations. Decorative aluminium trim may be fitted to the track (see note), complete with flanges to accommodate ceiling or other trims.

Track Fixed to Steel Beam Track Fixed to Concrete
Panel Section Detail Track Fitted to Offset Wall Bracket

Panel Interlocking & Sealing

Once deployed the panels are sealed firmly together and against the floor and ceiling to ensure complete rigidity of the partition wall and the effective acoustic attenuation.
On straight runs the panels are sealed together by applying lateral compression through an end-expander mechanism built into the last panel (see E).
On curved runs the panels can be horizontally interlocked to hold them rigid together (see H).
In both cases the panels are sealed against the floor and ceiling by cranking down each panel's retractable base seal (see V).
A removable cranking handle is supplied to operate these mechanisms.
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