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About Us

Abachem Engineering Ltd was formed in 1982 by two partners, who were primarily sales engineers, having seen a potential in the market for the upgrading of abattoir equipment and rail systems.

Contacts were established and a customer base built up with the initial work subcontracted out.

In 1983 premises were rented and two more partners employed. The workforce was gradually increased to ten people, and the company starts to develop itís own electrical stunning equipment, to conform to new regulations.

By 1986 the company had purchased a plot of land on the local industrial estate, and in 1987 moved into new purpose built premises. Over the next two years the company developed itís own aluminium twin track rail system, with itís own unique profile. Also a aluminium roller body to run on the system, this also is the only British rail system on the market

In 1992 J.S Engineering (Norfolk) went into liquidation and Abachem bought the name and all the working drawings of itís Abattoir products, together with Bristol Abattoir Equipment which J.S had bought two years earlier. J.S Engineering had a sales office in Norwich, with two employees in, this was allowed to carry on running in order to service spares to existing customers.

By 1995 the office in Norwich was closed and the sales centralised at Abachem.
Jessop Way, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 2ER